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A Bit About Us

The Ravens Cauldron is the official school store for our Academy, Olympus Academia, the Academy of Arcane Arts. I am diligently working towards being the first Accredited College for the Arcane Arts that also will offer certified degrees in the U.S.  and possibly the world. We recently acquired out license exemption from the state of Oregon to operate as a Private Career School. Shopping with us is literally helping us change the world for people of the pagan communities who have had to live in fear for their safety. Your support means the world to us!

I strive to provide ethically sourced products, many from hand made, and woman owned businesses! We hope you enjoy your shopping experience! If you want to learn more about our Academy, feel free to get in touch with us!

I hope to help everyone feel more comfortable being their authentic selves! If there is a product you would like us to stock, let us know and come down to our one stop metaphysical shop.

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Own part of Olympus!

Olympus has made 10% of the company available for purchase! All you have to do is donate to our GoFundMe and once we reach our 10K goal, ownership percentage will be distributed accordingly. For example, if you donate $5 and someone else donates $10, they would end up with a larger percentage.

Being a part owner gives you the ability to access recording from our board meetings, it allows you to submit ideas and policies for the Keepers for vote on for our school, and you get to attend conferences! This allows you to have a direct hand in shaping Olympus.

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