The Ravens Cauldron

A one stop metaphysical shop that offers your needed ritual and spiritual items as well as classes for any level of practitioner! We will be updating our website domain soon! from to TheRavensCauldron!

We are now working with Klarna!!!


Grand Re-Launch Fall Term!

The Ravens Cauldron is the official school store for Olympus Academia. We are shifting our online platform to be a subscription based learning website, where you can access many different learning paths while we work our way to accreditation and licensing!


The Art and Practice of Divination

Humans have often sought to know their future, be it the destiny of a Kingdom or an individual’s fate regarding love, money and so much more. The Art of Divination has been practiced by all countries, cultures, and religions around the world for thousands of years. The methods can be as uncomplicated as scratches in the sand to complex symbolism in a card.



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Magical Home Decor

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Tarot and Oracle Cards


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